See What Causes Lagos Flood

A couple of weeks back, it rained and the whole of the Lagos Island and Lekki neighbourhoods were flooded. The social media was agog with awful scenes of flood taken over homes and all the major roads. We saw pictures of a Crocodile and a large snake looking like a Boa constrictor said to be captured at different part of the island as a result of the flood, whether or not these pictures are real is another thing entirely. We equally saw pictures of homes taken over by flood and a white man using canoe on the major road. They were all gory scenes but as usual, we laughed and joke about it on social media. Some tagged it the “the rich also cry” some were quick to lash on the government of Governor Akinwumi Ambode, others said its time for the big boys to humbly come back home, to the Mainland to roost.
I guess that assertion would have changed this morning. We all slept soundly especially as the rain begin to pour at the early hours of this morning knowing fully well that it was a day to rest at home because of the Lagos State local government election, especially for those of us who had one reason or the other to decide it was going to be another forced vacation for sleeping. This morning we were indeed blessed with another rainfall but today it was the turn of the Lagos mainland. Major streets in the Lagos mainland were flooded but unlike the Lagos Island there were no Crocodile nor a Boa constrictor, nor the oyinbo man paddling in his canoe. No! The major streets were littered with empties! Heap of Pet bottles, wrappers and sachets were floating on our major roads. I can only imagine the stench and the taste, if any man falls and gulp from that water. God help such! I can imagine how the flood would have made a good chemical solution of all the excreter from some horrible looking gutters and canals that also serve as public toilets into people’s homes and street.
As I ponder on the health hazards that these horrible scenes can cause the mainland Lagosians, I thought beyond the government. There are things we can do for ourselves, we can at least ensure that our gutters and canals are not impassable with empties especially the indecomposable. I imagine if wecyclers have not been in the business of collecting tonnes of empties from the mainland daily, what would have happened today. It would have been a lot worse. Here are pictures of waste Wecyclers generates daily. I think they need our supports to help make Lagos Mainland a lot more cleaner and disease free. We should be scared of an outbreak of epidemic, like Malaria, cholera, white or black mold, etc. if it continues like this. If we cannot do anything at least we can support wecyclers today!
My own little way of supporting the community, I suggest that individuals and communities should call on Wecyclers today. Today!
Wecyclers offers convenient household recycling service using a fleet of low-cost freights like bi-cycles, auto bikes and tricycles. They are powering social change using the environment by allowing people in low-income communities to capture value from their waste. I the Mainland can take advantage of these to free their homes and street from empties
WECYCLERS aim to build a low-cost waste collection infrastructure while raising general awareness on the importance of recycling for environmental sustainability and social welfare gained from reduction in pollution and diseases like malaria.

I suggest that for waste (empties) pick up; sign up on

To equally support wecyclers for a cleaner Lagos
Contact Wecyclers:
149 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island, Lagos
+234 -8120-094234, +234-9097-439630
Support lines available, 7am to 6pm everyday