Here Is How Nigerian Celebrities Reacted To FG’s Plan To Ban Shooting Of Music Videos And Movies Abroad (PICS)

Recall that it was reported that the FG through minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed said the Nigerian government will hence forth frown at movies and music shot outside the country.

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Peter Okoye, a Nigerian with multitalented entity and bag of talents has reacted to the federal government plan to place a ban on entertainer shooting movies and music abroad.

The business tycoon and CEO of PClassic Records thinks it is the Nigerian entertainers that have been covering up for the government.

Also reacting to the news is Peter’s manager/ elder brother Jude Okoye took to Instagram to lambast the federal government, describing the plan as an exercise in hypocrisy.

Other celebrities are still weighing in on the issue via their various social media accounts.

Here are the reactions below:

1. Peter Okoye

2. Paul Okoye

3. Jude Okoye

4. Ruggedman

5. Shakar El



Army intercepts wives, children of Boko Haram fighters

The Army said on Wednesday it intercepted 37 people suspected to be wives and children of Boko Haram militants after they escaped from the insurgents’ custody.

A statement issued by the Army Spokesman, Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman, said 30 escapees were intercepted on Tuesday at Gujba local government area of Yobe.

Usman said they comprised eight women and 22 children.

“On preliminary interrogation, the suspects claimed to have escaped from Boko Haram terrorists’ custody at Kafa and Abagajiri villages in Damboa local government area of Borno,’’ he said.

The army spokesman said the other seven persons that included women and children were intercepted on Tuesday at Kamuya in Yobe.

“They claimed that they escaped from Boko Haram terrorists’ hideout at Goropcha village, Damboa local government area of Borno.

“Both sets of escapees are currently being screened and profiled,’’ Usman said.


Nollywood STAR Mokeme Mocks Newly Emerged Photo Of President Buhari

Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme has mocked the new photo of President Buhari and the APC delegates.

The actor, who took to social media, described the gathering as the housewarming of Nigeria’s new seat of government in Abuja house, London.


He wrote: “#InOtherNews members of the kitchen cabinet permitted some members of the balcony cabinet to attend the house warming of our new seat of government in Abuja house, London.

The visitors were treated to sumptuous buffet of #MadeInNigeria menu, drinks and Benue banana….. As usual, our well-mannered elders maintained the tradition of not talking while you eat.”

So enjoy the image as we await further details.

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Wife of Abia State Speaker To Be Prosecuted For Alleged Traffic Offence- FRSC

The Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps, Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, said on Tuesday that the corps would prosecute wife of the Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly, Mrs. Victoria Kalu, for alleged traffic offence and ordering the shooting of some road marshals.

Oyeyemi, who said at least four different assaults were visited on officials of the FRSC in less than one week, condemned the attacks and vowed to sue all those involved.

Two FRSC officials were on Saturday July 15 reportedly shot by policemen attached to the Speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly, Chikwendu Kalu. The marshals were said to have stopped the vehicle the speaker’s wife was travelling in along the Umuikaa/Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway, having reportedly found her not wearing seat belt.

The corps marshal said on a radio programme monitored in Lagos that although the police authorities had dealt with the policemen that allegedly shot the FRSC officials, the speaker’s wife would not be spared either.

“The case is not closed yet. I’ll prosecute the wife of the speaker,” Oyeyemi said.

Apart from the Abia case, there were three other attacks/molestation of the FRSC officials recorded in Abuja, Jigawa and Oyo states within one week.

A statement by the Corps Public Education Officer, FRSC, Bisi Kazeem, quoted the corps marshal as saying that a day before the Abia shooting, some members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers had challenged the FRSC officials on patrol of Kiyawa-Dutse Road in Jigawa State for daring to check their vehicles for excessive overloading and installation of the speed limiting devices.

“They not only set the FRSC patrol vehicle ablaze but also badly damaged another vehicle. The FRSC office was destroyed by the rampaging NURTW officials. The Jigawa incident resulted in fatality as one person was killed and several others injured,” he said.

FRSC shooting: IG, prosecute Abia speaker, killer cops

Two days earlier, Oyeyemi recalled that in Abuja, a patrol team had flagged down a driver for routine checks. And “when his car was to be impounded for running foul of traffic law, a female FRSC official was attached to the offender’s vehicle to accompany the vehicle to a nearby FRSC office for other necessary processes as contained in the operational procedure, the driver sped away with the female worker. A patrol team, obviously concerned about the motive of the fleeing driver, had to apply force to rescue the female operative.”

The FRSC boss also narrated the Oyo State case where an FRSC marshal “was almost strangled to death by a driver who was accosted for contravening traffic laws.”

Oyeyemi, who condemned the attacks on the road marshals, said, “Many road users are abusing the civility of the unarmed personnel that are trained to be cautious while discharging their legitimate duties.”



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Acting President Yemi Osinbajo To Chose Two Ministers Today

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo will today, Wednesday, July 26, 2017, swear-in two ministers who were approved by the Senate in May, a NAN report said last night.

“To be sworn in are Prof. Stephen Ocheni from Kogi and Mr. Suleiman Hassan from Gombe State.

Both men would take the oath before the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting,” the report said.

It quoted Laolu Akande, SSA Media to the Acting President, as confirming the swearing-in in a tweet Tuesday night.

The nominees were confirmed on May 3 after screening by senators at plenary.

The confirmation of the nominees followed a request by President Muhammadu Buhari in accordance with Section147 (2) of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

Buhari had forwarded the names of the ministerial nominees to the Senate as replacements for late Mr. James Ocholi (Kogi) and Mrs. Amina Mohammed (Gombe).

Ocholi, who was Minister of State for Employment, Labour, and Productivity, died in an auto crash in 2016.

Mohammed, Minister of Environment, stepped down to take up the post of Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.


See What Causes Lagos Flood

A couple of weeks back, it rained and the whole of the Lagos Island and Lekki neighbourhoods were flooded. The social media was agog with awful scenes of flood taken over homes and all the major roads. We saw pictures of a Crocodile and a large snake looking like a Boa constrictor said to be captured at different part of the island as a result of the flood, whether or not these pictures are real is another thing entirely. We equally saw pictures of homes taken over by flood and a white man using canoe on the major road. They were all gory scenes but as usual, we laughed and joke about it on social media. Some tagged it the “the rich also cry” some were quick to lash on the government of Governor Akinwumi Ambode, others said its time for the big boys to humbly come back home, to the Mainland to roost.
I guess that assertion would have changed this morning. We all slept soundly especially as the rain begin to pour at the early hours of this morning knowing fully well that it was a day to rest at home because of the Lagos State local government election, especially for those of us who had one reason or the other to decide it was going to be another forced vacation for sleeping. This morning we were indeed blessed with another rainfall but today it was the turn of the Lagos mainland. Major streets in the Lagos mainland were flooded but unlike the Lagos Island there were no Crocodile nor a Boa constrictor, nor the oyinbo man paddling in his canoe. No! The major streets were littered with empties! Heap of Pet bottles, wrappers and sachets were floating on our major roads. I can only imagine the stench and the taste, if any man falls and gulp from that water. God help such! I can imagine how the flood would have made a good chemical solution of all the excreter from some horrible looking gutters and canals that also serve as public toilets into people’s homes and street.
As I ponder on the health hazards that these horrible scenes can cause the mainland Lagosians, I thought beyond the government. There are things we can do for ourselves, we can at least ensure that our gutters and canals are not impassable with empties especially the indecomposable. I imagine if wecyclers have not been in the business of collecting tonnes of empties from the mainland daily, what would have happened today. It would have been a lot worse. Here are pictures of waste Wecyclers generates daily. I think they need our supports to help make Lagos Mainland a lot more cleaner and disease free. We should be scared of an outbreak of epidemic, like Malaria, cholera, white or black mold, etc. if it continues like this. If we cannot do anything at least we can support wecyclers today!
My own little way of supporting the community, I suggest that individuals and communities should call on Wecyclers today. Today!
Wecyclers offers convenient household recycling service using a fleet of low-cost freights like bi-cycles, auto bikes and tricycles. They are powering social change using the environment by allowing people in low-income communities to capture value from their waste. I the Mainland can take advantage of these to free their homes and street from empties
WECYCLERS aim to build a low-cost waste collection infrastructure while raising general awareness on the importance of recycling for environmental sustainability and social welfare gained from reduction in pollution and diseases like malaria.

I suggest that for waste (empties) pick up; sign up on

To equally support wecyclers for a cleaner Lagos
Contact Wecyclers:
149 Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island, Lagos
+234 -8120-094234, +234-9097-439630
Support lines available, 7am to 6pm everyday


Latest Israeli Provocation in Jerusalem

On Friday, three Palestinians and three Israelis died after the Netanyahu Administration infringed the status quo of the Temple Mount by installing metal detectors and banning Palestinian men under the age of fifty from entering the holy site.


Thousands of Palestinians were gathered in the area when Israeli security forces began to use force against the demonstrators, who responded by throwing stones at police.

In an ‘attempt to control the situation,’ numerous Israeli policemen used tear gas, water cannons, and fired real bullets randomly against the demonstrators, causing the death of three of them, and injuring hundreds more.

The demonstrations spread rapidly to Gaza and the West Bank, where a young Palestinian stabbed three Israelis to death in revenge for Netanyahu’s decision to violate a Muslim holy place.

Abbas announced, “the suspension of contacts with Israel on all levels and the suspension of coordination until all the measures currently being taken at al-Aqsa mosque are stopped.”

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres issued statements condemning both incidents. He called “on all to refrain from any actions or words that could further escalate an already volatile situation.”

UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said, reporters, that “ultimately, what is important is for all of the people at the holy sites, including all the worshipers at the holy sites, to feel that their religious freedoms are being respected.”

On Saturday, Netanyahu said that the metal detectors will remain at the entrance of the Temple Mount, despite the fact that numerous advisors had recommended their removal. They also believe that Netanyahu’s unilateral action will worsen the Palestine-Israeli conflict, leading to unpredictable consequences.

Despite the different versions of the facts, many still believe that the second intifada began in September 2000 when Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount, seen by Palestinians as desecration and which has resulted in the death of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis.

The Temple Mount is one of the holiest places in Islam and in Judaism. According to Judaism, this is the place where God’s divine presence is manifested more strongly than at any other holy site. For Muslims, the site is one of the first places where God was worshiped. They believe it was from here that the Prophet Muhammad ascended to the “Divine Presence” on the back of a winged horse.

Over the last few years, the Palestinians have accused PM Netanyahu of planning to build a Third Temple on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, which is currently illegal under Israeli law. However, Netanyahu’s coalition with the far right-wing leader Avigdor Lieberman, who supports the construction of the new Jewish temple in the compound has many Palestinians concerned that Netanyahu will soon change the law in order to allow it.

Several international human rights organizations have said that the current situation in Jerusalem has deteriorated to the point that if it does not soon improve a new uprising may occur.

Some have suggested that Netanyahu and Lieberman are intentionally instigating the current increase in violence in Jerusalem with the intention of using it as a pretext to occupy the Temple Mount compound and expand what many consider to be their ethnic cleansing operations in Palestine.

The international community, however, has yet to condemn PM Netanyahu’s actions, which are currently illegal under Israeli law.

Over the next several weeks, several countries will likely be involved in the conflict. Until then, more incidents, which could occur in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as well as in Jerusalem, are expected.

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See what Trump said to Africa Leaders

MUST READ: “There Is No Shortcut To Maturity, Africa Should Be Recolonized – Donald Trump

Speaking yesterday in Nebraska, Trump said that Africans are slaves living like slaves in their own land yet they claim they are independent.
Trump was responding to a question by a South African journalist on whether he thinks African leaders were right to seek mass withdrawal from the Hague based International Criminal Court (ICC).
“It is shameful for African leaders to seek exit from ICC. In my view, these leaders want to have all the freedom to oppress their poor people without anyone asking them a question. I think there is no shortcut to maturity and in my view, Africa should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery.

Look at how those African leaders change constitutions in their favour so that they can be life presidents. They are all greedy and do not care about the common people” Said Trump
“When I saw them gang up against ICC yet they can’t even find an amicable solution for the ongoing quandary in Burundi, I thought to myself these people lack discipline and humane heart. They can’t lead by example. The only thing they are interested in is accumulating wealth from poor tax payers.
Before they think of exiting from ICC, they should first restore peace in Burundi and other war-torn countries rather than gathering like hyenas with the aim of finishing the poor people” Added Trump.

Abimbola Samuel

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Dangote Set To Invest $800 Million In Dairy Production In Nigeria

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote has revealed that he plans to invest $800 million in Dairy production in Nigeria. This is part of Dangote’s diversification plans into the Nigerian Agricultural sector.

Nigeria’s economy has suffered greatly from the fall in oil price. This affected the Naira, which depreciated against the dollar to an all time low. It also resulted in stringent policies being put in place to save the economy from total collapse thereby leading to scarcity of foreign exchange. Following the economic woes attributed to depending on oil for about 75 percent of its revenue, the country decided to diversify its economic activities by looking into other sectors such as the Agricultural sector.

Nigeria has opened many doors of opportunity in the agricultural sector, and this has attracted the interest of so many Nigerians, which includes the youths. Most youths have seen agriculture as a source of livelihood owing to the high rate of unemployment and under employment in the country. Prior to this economic downturn, which the country is gradually coming out from, Nigeria relied so much on importing foods thereby making the local production less appealing.

Recently, Aliko Dangote has also joined the train of investors in the Nigerian Agricultural sector in order to help the government in its diversification plans that will bring the country out of recession. In May, the Dangote Group announced that it was investing about $1 billion in rice cultivation through its out-grower scheme.

Dangote has an out-growers scheme where thousands of farmers are empowered with improved seeds and items needed to cultivate rice. A few days ago the company announced again that it was investing $3.8 billion Dollars into sugar and rice production. The conglomerate plans to increase its production of sugar to 1.5 million tonnes a year by 2020 from 100,000 tonnes that it currently produces. It also seeks to add one million tonnes of rice.

Apart from increasing the production of sugar and rice, Dangote also plans to invest $800 million in Dairy production in Nigeria. The company plans to breed 50,000 cows to produce 500 million litres of milk a year by 2019.

This is a welcome development for Dangote and the Nigerian economy at large. According to research, Nigeria spends about $1.3 billion on the importation of dairy products and Dangote’s investment could help meet up with domestic consumption and if possible export some of its produce. With a population of about 180 million people, the country is currently going through a shortage in local milk production, while importing more than 70 percent of its dairy products.

It is also worthy to note that the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has shown interest in the development of the Nigerian Dairy market. It would be recalled that the president in the company of a high-powered delegation from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visited Denmark in May 2016 where he held talks with Arla Foods Denmark on the development of the dairy sector in Nigeria.

Although the government identified that there is a long way to go before reaching self-sufficiency in Dairy production. During the visit, the government established that what is required, amongst other things, is a more formal ranching system to improve processes, yield and quality as well as to extract higher value.










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